Backup Solutions

Integrated IT Group provides businesses and IT professionals with industry leading automatic and fully managed on-site or cloud data protection solutions. Our Backup Solutions are proactively monitored to ensure your data will be there if needed. Integrated IT Group helps professionals, just like you, protect their data and there business every day.

  • Server Backup – Benefit from a cost effective recovery solution this is reliable, secure and automatic.
  • PC/Mac Backup – A simple and intuitive user interface allows you total control over your backup. 

Backup your Windows servers on-site using your choice of backup software, then replicate them to rCloud, an enterprise-grade platform that is affordably priced.

rCloud® provides you with the safety and security of knowing you will have access to business-critical applications in case of unplanned downtime.

rCloud 4 includes updated technology across the platform including a new Universal Architecture that is designed to support integration with almost any image based backup technology and provides Instant Recovery in the cloud.

Using your backup software of choice allows you to backup your Windows servers, including applications like SQL and Exchange. Save your entire server environment, including operating systems, settings and data. Then securely transfer your backup images to rCloud, where the images are converted to virtual servers and staged for failover when a disaster occurs. From the rCloud online portal, simply select the virtual server you need to failover and you are up and running.

  • Agent plug-in support for Dell AppAssure
  • Agent plug-in support for StorageCraft® ShadowProtect™
  • Virtual failover in the cloud in hours instead of days or weeks
  • With the rCloud Virtual Lab, you can prevent downtime and proactively prepare for disasters before they strike.
  • Online portal allows you to verify the status of your server backups, agents, production servers