IT Consulting & Project Management

Every business needs IT consultants. Technology continually changes at a pace that businesses cannot keep up with. Having the right IT consultants to manage the analysis and implementation of available technology can make the difference between success and failure.

  • Do you know what technology your competitors are using and how it is making them effective?  
  • How often does your business consider new technology?
  • How often do you perform an evaluation of the technology available to your industry?
  • How much do you spend on manual processes that could be reduced by a technology solution?
  • What is it that will give you an edge over your competition?

Integrated IT Group has proven expertise and a track record of success in choosing the right technology to fit a unique business need. We continually review with our customers the latest technology trends and how that may help their business. Knowing the right solution and having the ability to implement it quickly can make the difference between meeting business goals and not.

Project Management and Services

Your technology needs are unique, and that’s why our project solutions are too. We develop custom solutions to meet your exact needs. With no inflated costs or unnecessary services, you save time and money.

Whether you need a massive deployment, a simple one-time service call or a multi-year engagement, the successful implementation of a technology solution is achieved by methodically following a tried and true process.

At Integrated IT Group, we follow a support services cycle. We fully understand our clients needs at the onset, allowing them to select the most cost-effective plan. The support services cycle begins with a thorough understanding of your business objectives. Needs are defined, a solution is proposed, the total cost is analyzed, and the plan is then implemented. After it is executed, its performance is evaluated and continues to be monitored to ensure that it is continuing to deliver the kind of bottom-line results and value to your business that were anticipated. Our desire to make your business successful, both technologically and financially is a cornerstone of our business.

Staffing and Outsourcing - Our experts are ready to work for you.

Occasionally, businesses encounter situations that fall outside their scope of experience or face challenges that exceed their resources' physical ability to deliver within the required timeframe. When needs rise beyond the ordinary, outsourcing provides a flexible, cost-effective way for businesses to achieve specific goals, ranging from corporate technology rollouts to deployment of new technologies for mission critical services without straining your human IT resources or creating long-term budgetary liabilities.